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The Museum Academy | Where Students Examine, Experiment, and Exhibit

Hands-on, minds-on, authentic learning is on display at the Museum Academy, which partners with museums throughout the state to customize museum teachings and field trips to match the humanities-based curriculum. With a focus on active learning, students in PreK-Grade 5 explore and uncover each lesson so it has greater meaning. Classroom and school-wide projects transform the school into a living museum, with grade-level students acting as guides for exhibitions in our exhibit hall.

Last Day of School for Students

June 17th

Summer 2015 Student Learning Resources

Click on the resources below to learn more about the Museum Academy Summer 2015 Reading, Math and Science activities students can complete over the summer.  Amazing prizes for students who complete the Reading and Math/Science activities and return their completed forms in September!


Math/Science Grades K-2 Math/Science 3-5


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Resources for Parents and Children

Here are some helpful resources for your child’s studies at the Academy, including our student handbook and other helpful documents.

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