CREC Distance Learning Academy

CREC Distance Learning Academy (CDLA) is a PreK - Grade 12 virtual learning environment that is staffed by CREC educators. The CDLA model differs for Elementary and Secondary grade levels.

Elementary: CDLA will be district-wide for Elementary grades in order to provide the class sizes and attention that students in this age group need. Given the data by school and grade, CDLA enrollment varies in number and will be too large or too small unless we centralize.  As a result we will move forward with a centralized CDLA for Elementary grades, in which teachers are fully dedicated to online teaching, with students grouped by grade, not school. Classes will be conducted virtually during normal school hours.

Secondary: CDLA will no longer be a district-wide program with a generic curriculum for secondary students.  It will now be attached to your child’s individual school.  Students will still be able to stay home five days per week and devices will be made available. However, students will now log onto their normal classes with the school-based teachers and their classmates. Class sizes will be typical for your CREC schools, averaging 20-24 students.  Depending on school and grade there will be approximately 8-10 students who will be logging in from home and 12-14 students who will be sitting in the room with the teacher.  The gradebook, assignments and curriculum will be the same for all students.  Some will do it remotely and others will do it in person.  As a result of social distancing, much of the learning model will use 1:1 devices, whether in person or at home.

This will make for an easy transition in the event everyone comes back to school after a vaccine is released or in the likely scenario that there is a spike in cases this fall and we all go home for distance learning.  In either case there will be no change of teacher or courses.  This will allow students to continue their specialized coursework and will mean that classes like AP, ECE, IB and language classes will be available to everyone.

The method of instruction is quite different from how our CREC classrooms typically work, but no plan under COVID is able to provide the level of collaboration that we are used to.  At CREC, teachers will wear a microphone so students who stay home can hear them. There will be a laptop camera pointed at the front of the room so when the teacher is teaching a mini-lesson or giving instructions all 22 students will be able to see them. There will be occasions when teachers are off camera (still on microphone) during class time.  There may be technical glitches and frustrations that arise as we all learn to adapt to this model.  We also have staff who are critical members of our faculty who will need to stay home for health reasons.  In an effort to offer the best possible instruction, we will allow them to teach from home using Zoom which will broadcast to both the classroom and the CDLA students. A sub or staff member will be assigned to the classroom for coverage, but instruction will come from the teacher remotely.  This will be particularly helpful if a teacher is asymptomatic but quarantined.  Despite the challenges, we still believe this serves the needs of all of our secondary students. 

Devices and internet access can be provided if needed. All students may participate in school- based activities including sports and clubs. Participation may be remote, where feasible or in-person after school.  We are skeptical that these activities will be running, but if they are available, they will be open to all students.

Please email CDLA questions to Wanda Broaden at

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