K-2 Students

The following learning extensions are intended for students to keep their minds active in the event that students are not at school for an extended period of time. These activities are not a replacement for the school day and are completely optional. The activities encourage independent practice, reading, writing, and exploring new ideas. Each day, we encourage students to explore up to two activities from the grid below, respond to 1 or 2 of the writing prompts and read independently for 50-60  minutes. Encourage children to read books of high interest.

Math and Literacy


Health and Wellness


Read your favorite story. Count how many words are on the first three pages. 

Read a favorite book or ask some to read to you. Draw a picture of something that happens in the story. 

Watch and participate in a Cosmic Kids Yoga video: https://www.cosmickids.com/category/watch/

Create an animal habitat with household materials. Write two sentences about your habitat. 

Health, Wellness, and Music

Health and Wellness

Act of Kindness, Literacy, Art, and Social Studies


Have a “dance party”.  Turn up some music and dance until you are tired!

Choose a brain break or energizer activity from Go Noodle. Describe how you feel after doing the activity. 

Interview a family member or neighbor and write a story, draw a picture, and share it with them.

Create a figure sculpture with rolled up pieces of aluminum foil. See an example at 





Health, Wellness, and Math

Sort objects you find  based on the patterns of their similarities. Take a picture, make a list, or write about the different objects. 

Go on a shape hunt. Look through your house to find things shaped like a circle, square, triangle, pentagon and hexagon. Make a chart to show your results. 

Collect different items like toys or recyclable materials.  Stack them up to make the tallest tower possible. How high did you get it?

First predict how many times you can jump in a minute. Compare your prediction to the actual number of jumps.  Can you beat your own best record?

Social Studies

Social Studies



Look at a map of CT, United States or the World, and identify 5 places that you would want to visit.

Use google maps or National Geographic if you do not have any maps at home. 

Compare your neighborhood or town with another neighborhood, city or town that you have been to. Describe or write what is similar and what is different. 

Listen to two different songs. Talk to someone about how the songs are similar and different. Or draw a picture of what the song makes you think about. 

Count the total number of steps in your house. If you live in an apartment, count the number of steps it takes to get to your apartment door.


Social Studies and Stem


Acts of Kindness and Literacy

Select a character from a book who is demonstrating an emotion. How are they feeling? Give at least 2 details from the book that show they are feeling that way. 

Using legos, blocks, toys or other household materials (toilet paper rolls, etc.) build a town or city. Identify what you would need in your city or town.

Log patterns that you notice outside. You may choose to keep track of the weather, the moon phases, or something else you notice. 

Write a thank you note to someone that did something kind.

Math Practice

To practice problem solving daily, download the free app “Minimath” (grade k-1) or “Bedtime Math” (grades 1-2).  Read the short story together and answer the word problem.  Research has shown that when done regularly, it positively impacts math success.

When practicing math facts, speed is important but finding other strategies is also critical. For example, if you give your child 3+9, and they told you that they counted on their fingers to three and then added 9 more to get 12, ask “Can you explain another way to calculate this fact?”.  Depending on their age they could tell you that they started and 9 and counted up 3 more, or they added 10+2 rather than 9+3 since adding with 10 is easier.  This will show students can think flexibly about numbers and this is a critical numeracy skill.

Other Extension Activities

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