Interim Learning Plan

On Thursday, March 26, CREC will begin an Interim Learning Plan while we are out for the COVID 19 shutdown of schools in Connecticut. A staff member from your child’s school will be in contact with you early next week to discuss your children's readiness to move to this plan.  Our goal is to provide continued learning for all students with their regularly assigned teachers. We look forward to continued support for all of our students moving forward. 

Suggested Schedules 

Students will have scheduled learning activities Monday through Thursday. These will be a combination of video, live Zoom calls, and assignments shared. Live Zoom calls will be recorded in case your student cannot attend at the given time. Watching videos and other assignments may be completed at the student's own pace, but we encourage following the schedule set forth by your child's school. The schedule will include lunch breaks, brain breaks, and transition time. On Fridays, students are expected to read, explore, play and complete any learning extensions provided. Teachers will also be available for support, depending on their meeting schedule. Your school will provide a more specific schedule in the week of March 23. The schedules are as follows:

Elementary Schedule:  Grades PK - 5 (Monday - Thursday)



8:00 am

Materials for the day will be out by 8:00 am

9:00 am

Start of the day

1:00 pm

End of the day

1:00 - 3:45 pm

Teacher Office Hours and Additional Service Hours

Secondary Schedule: Grades 6 - 12  (Monday - Thursday)



7:30 am

Materials out by 7:30

8:30 am

Start of the day

12:45 pm

End of the day

12:45 - 2:45 pm

Teacher Office Hours and Additional Service Hours

Online Learning Platforms

Staff will deliver videos, materials and assignments through one of the learning platforms below.  User tutorials will be sent out early next week and are available on this page (to the right.) We will also be using Zoom for online “face-to-face” classes.  

Students in grades PK - 1 will have assignments that do not require a device, but may also get optional activities using online apps.  Students in grades 2 - 12 will be expected to have a device and use the learning platforms described on the next page. 

PK -1 Device Optional

2-5 Device Necessary

6 - 12 Device Necessary

Learning Platform


Zoom for live classrooms

Google Classroom

(Seesaw - AAE Elementary, GEHMS and IMS)

Zoom for live classrooms

Schoology - Most Schools

(Arts Middle School - Google Classroom)

Zoom for live classrooms

Student Guidelines

During the school closure, the goal is for students  to be able to continue their learning. It is important to set up an area that is free from distraction. Students will be expected to: 

  • Communicate with the teachers and peers through zoom, email or the online learning platform

  • Participate in live classes as often as possible

  • Plan to work 3 - 4 hours per day and have flexibility to complete assignments as they are able

  • Watch posted lessons after the fact if they miss a live session 

  • Be courteous and kind to peers and teachers; appropriate behavior is expected

  • Reach out for printed or emailed materials, if needed

  • Dress appropriately for live classes

  • Seek support from teacher, counselors, social workers, administrators, and other school staff as needed


Teacher Expectations

Teachers will be expected to:

  • Post/email materials, video, lessons, and assignments prior to the start of the day 

  • Host zoom calls for whole group or small groups during class time periodically

  • Recording and posting videos for students who cannot attend 

  • Have contact with students at least twice per week (this could be through a zoom class,email, phone or  task completion)

  • Have posted office hours for students to get extra support

  • Provide modifications and accommodations to meet  IEP or 504 plans

  • Assess student performance and provide feedback

At CREC, we are here to support our students and this will be a learning experience for all of us. We know that our students will rise to the occasion, and make this learning opportunity beneficial for all!

In addition to the Interim Learning Plan, the CREC Learning Extensions website offers additional learning resources for students. 

If you have questions or concerns about the information above, please feel free to reach out. 

Be healthy, 

Marlene Lovanio

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning 

[email protected] or 860-604-4383
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