The Pre-Kindergarten program at CREC provides a safe, nurturing, and rigorous learning environment that promotes independence, develops cognitive skills, and fosters the development of the whole child.

In the first year of Pre-Kindergarten, students are learning...

In the second year of Pre-Kindergarten students are learning...


-How to participate in a school community

-How to collaborate with their peers

-Adapting to changes in everyday routines

-How to interact with familiar adults

-To communicate their feelings and emotions

-To develop a sense of self

-To develop independence and leadership skills

-How to self-soothe across many familiar and unfamiliar situations

-To seek help from familiar adults


-How to count to 10

-How to count objects up to 5

-To use words like longer, shorter, taller, and heavier

-To read the numbers 0-10

-Beginning number operations (addition and subtraction)


-Problem solving strategies

-To show interest in new activities

-Problem solving strategies

-To plan and follow the steps to complete a task

-To keep interest in new activities

Language and Literacy

-To communicate with longer sentences and more detail

-Rhyming words

-How to draw and write with a purpose

-How to follow multi-step directions

-How to participate in conversations with peers and adults

-To identify familiar letters, words, and print concepts


-To ask questions about things that we observe in the world around us

-To make observations and predictions about the world around us

Helping your child learn outside of school: 

  • Encourage your child to be independent (i.e., dress independently, practice zippers and buttons, blow his/her own nose, follow a set routine at home)

  • Listen to stories everyday! Have a conversation with your child about the books that you read

  • Count everything!

  • Sory everyday objects - toys, laundry, groceries, etc.

  • Practice rhyming (singing silly songs, noticing rhymes in books, etc)

  • Expose your child to social experiences by attending a playgroup, museum, music/art/gym

  • Build, construct, paint, and draw

  • Engage in pretend play 

  • Sing and respond to music

Websites for Parents

Websites for Students

For more information, please contact the Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Facilitator, Courtney Sugarman, at [email protected].

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